JHE42B_S Finder 5V Super Loud Buzzer Tracker 110dB Built-in Battery for Flight Controller RC Drone Multicopter Part Accs


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Description: Item name: JHE42B_S Finder Size: 18*17*15MM Weight: 4.3 g Built-in battery: 75mah Working time: 1 hour The buzzer has two modes of operation: 1. It is compatible with the functions of the traditional active buzzer and synchronized with the flight control. 2. When the flight control is normally connected, if the main battery in the flight is powered off, it can still automatically emit 110 dB of drip sound after 30 seconds of power failure, and the LED will emit white light, and the sound is louder than the general buzzer. Much bigger. How to turn off the buzzer: Press and hold the release button for more than 2 seconds, the JHE42B_S Finder turns off the sound. The JHE42B_S Finder is compatible with all BF and CF flight controls. Just connect to the buzzer interface of the flight controller and it will work. When the flight control wiring is correct, the multi-rotor aircraft is powered on, and the flight control power supply will automatically charge the JHE42B_S Finder (the red LED will light to indicate that charging is in progress, Red LED off means charging is saturated; red light flashing means flight controller is powered off, wait 30 seconds waiting time). Package included: 1 x JHE42B_S Finder 1 x 3P*1.0MM line


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